About Us

The goal of the Engineering and Manufacturing Academy is to prepare students who are well-equipped to either enter college or be career-ready for jobs in engineering and manufacturing fields.

Students begin their education and training in their sophomore year by enrolling in a class called Production Design; where they learn how successful products must incorporate different aspects of design like ergonomics, manufacturability, feasibility, as well as product style and marketing.   They also learn drafting and hand-drawing, as well as beginning concepts of computer-aided drafting.  Students are encouraged to explore their creative talents by designing and building their own projects, including skateboards and other devices. 

During their second year students become proficient in SolidWorks, an industry- standard, cutting-edge software used for designing and manufacturing products. This Academy uses a state-of-the-art, three-dimensional (3-D) prototyping printer which enables students to see their ideas and concepts materialize before their own eyes.  Some of the projects successfully created with the 3-D printer include highly customizable covers for iPhone, BlackBerry, and Galaxy cellular phones among other concepts. 

During their senior year, students are also enrolled in a pre-engineering course which provides exposure to many different engineering disciplines including hydraulics, pneumatics, HVAC, robotics, electricity, manufacturing, injection molding, programmable logic controllers, and CNC programming.  They can also receive SolidWorks Associate Certification.   Academy students graduate prepared for higher-paying positions in engineering and manufacturing industries, and are better prepared as they continue their education in their chosen specialty areas in engineering.